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Vintage in Pills Fall 2002 –

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Tom Ford is an expert at being evil.

At Yves Saint Laurent, the designer was in an adult-erotic mood, taking potential clichés like black satin ribbon, taffeta, velvet, chantilly lace, and fur and applying them in an offhand way to extravagant, body-emphasizing pieces that often looked like they might fall off at the slightest pull of a bow.

The silhouette was an elaboration of the one he’d set at Gucci: a generous top and the tightest, rumpled, to-the-knee skirt, skinny pants, or the season’s first genuinely chic knickers done in black velvet.

This time he worked the volume into blouses and jackets with dropped shoulders and billowing eighteenth-century sleeves: a device he used most gorgeously in a dark blue velvet coat with huge puffs, lace and mink embellishing the cuff.

The show was full of amazingly detailed, sexily cut suits, fabulous coats and sweeping evening gowns delicately inserted with lace.

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